How to: Packaging.

As all of our packaging is mindfully chosen or reused to be as ecofriendly as we can be. We have put together a quick guide.


BOX - recycle

JAR - repurpose or get refilled 

Linen spray:

ATONOMISER - repurpose or bin

BOTTLE - yellow recycle bin or repurpose.

Energy Cleansing mist : 

BOTTLE - Repurpose or yellow bin recycle

Atonomiser - repurpose or bin

Shower Steamers :

CYLINDER: yellow recycle bin or repurpose

STEAMER PACKAGING : Compostable ( 6-12m breakdown )


GLASS BOTTLE - reuse or yellow bin recycle

REEDS - Red bin.

Wax melt:

CLAMSHELL: Yellow recycling bin. PET1 plastic.


CARDBOARD BOX - Yellow recycling bin

PACKAGING PEANUTS - biofill can compost or rinse with water in sink until dissolved.

TISSUE PAPER - acid free, yellow bin recyclable.

CANVAS BAG - Reusable.


We thankyou for shopping with us, an ecofriendly company. Your impact on the environment by shopping with us is as kind as can be!