About Us

Who we are:

We are a small family business, with a love for fragrance, and home. We bring something special to the place where your most precious memories are made. We aim to use the most sustainable packaging and ingredients. We encourage reducing, reusing and recycling. Our social media has alot of up to date information on how we encourage use of our products and how we fulfill this endeavour as we constantly evolve to become the most eco friendly company we can be.

What we put in:

Apart from a whole lot of love, we source only the finest IFRA approved, phthalate free fragrances for your products. Our wax is parrafin free, which means no petroleum products, and our soy and coconut soy wax blends mean they are a much more sustainable option.


Where we are :

We are mostly online. However, We have afew brick and mortar retailers that stock anything from afew of our items, to our whole range. For wholesale enquiries, please email us.


For information about how you can reduce waste with our packaging. Please read about your products packaging in the information under your purchased product.