Fragrance list

Manifest - FRUITY :Top notes are lemon verbena and lime zest; middle notes are fresh coconut and peach; base notes are vanilla and buttermilk.

Sunday - FRUITY: Top notes are dark raspberry and blackberry; middle notes are jasmine and white rose; base notes are vanilla and pink musk.

Sunrise - FRUITY Top notes of tangerine peel along with a blend of grapefruit, citrus and white pepper. The spicy notes of white pepper and tamarind for a balance. The fruity and spice notes marry the two blends together to present this great fragrance

Honeybush - SWEET Top notes: Vanilla Orchid. Mid notes: Rose, Honey, Caramel and Tobacco Base notes: Vanilla Bean, Woody, Tonka, Amber and Musk's.

Bloom - FLORAL/FRESH Deep, intoxicating scent of the freshly bloomed white waxy beautiful gardenia. The notes are incredibly fresh, green, and inviting. 

Sugar - SWEET/FRUITY - Top notes: Moro Orange, Peach Nectar, Passionfruit. Mid notes: Star Anise, Cashmere, Strawberry Fluff. Base notes: Spun Sugar, Vanilla Bean

Lady - FLORAL/FRESH - A feminine combination of floral and fresh notes that feature bitter orange, neroli and jasmine. In a melt, this is our lady million inspired with our own twist to make it perfect for linen.

New moon - FRESH/FRUITY Top notes: Lime Blossom, Eureka Lemon. Mid notes: Jasmine Petal, Lavandin, Cannabis Flower.Base notes: Dewy Greens, Geranium Rose, Princess Pine

Oudh - EARTHY/ORIENTAL A rich earthy blend perfect for earthy, woody scent lovers. Top notes: Bergamot Mandarin. Middle notes: Oudh Wood Jasmin. Base notes : Amber Musk

Oceana - FRUITY/FRESH Top notes of Orange Blossom, Citrus Coconut Cream. Middle notes of fresh Melon, Dragon Fruit. Base notes of Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Caramel - SWEET. A rich and well balanced sweetness. Gooey caramel mixed with sea salt and tonka bean with buttery top notes make it a treat that's light on the hips.

Secrets - FLORAL/FRUITY A gorgeous infusion of bergamot, peach, strawberry, apple blossom, African tamarind, Damask rose, tonka bean, coconut milk, and white musk.

Sweater Season - EARTHY/SWEET. An almost perfect blend of sweet and earthy masculine. Top notes Greens and  Fresh Mint balanced with Apple, Peach, Jasmine and Oak Moss.

Baccarat - EARTHY FEMININE. : Top notes are jasmine and saffron; middle notes are ambergris and amberwood; base notes are cedarwood and fir resin

Gypsy Water - EARTHY FEMININE : Earthy and nomadic, this warm fragrance evokes thoughts of a carefree lifestyle. Bursting with a fresh citrus top, alluring heart and woody base, this fragrance is a cult favourite for good reason.

Ancient Ocean : SWEET/FRUITY/FRESH . 

A beautiful, sweet, fruity fragrance with fresh tropical vibes.Cassis, pink sea salt, pink grapefruit. Ocean air accord, sugar flower, geranium.Driftwood, chiffon musk, raw vanilla.